About Us

Rabeya Building Maintenance is an experienced and dependable metal fabrication company in DUBAI. Our mission is to continue to lead the industry in innovations while offering the best product and services to our customers. We see every client as a potential long-term trading partner, and we want to do our best to make that partnership successful.We offer skilled metal fabrication to professionals in the manufacturing, industrial and commercial construction, and plant maintenance industries. Our wide range of services extends to individuals and companies in and around Ajman,Dubai. We also provide expedited, 24-hour emergency service when the turnaround requirement is urgent.Rabeya Building Maintenance is a trusted source for steel fabrication, carbon steel, and aluminum products used in construction and industrial projects. We are the foremost UAE structural steel fabrication company, and we’re committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and service. We have solution for all kind Steel & Aluminum Doors ,Grill,Round Staircase Paint,Fore CeilingDecor,Interlock &  All Building Maintenance works.Rabeya Building Maintenance has the highest level of commitment to Accountability, Safety in the working environment, Optimal use of resources, Maximum productivity, Competitive operational costs. Throughout the term of every job and contract, we uphold strict codes of accountability to ourselves, the industry at large, and our customers.Every employee observes safety in the working environment and quality of work is our primary focus .As a leading UAE’s metal fabrication company and all building maintenance work provider, we also seek to maximize productivity with an optimal use of resources.